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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my player?

Registration link will be posted on home page when registration is open along with registration dates.

Spring registration typically opens January. If we have summer, it will open right after spring season early June. Fall season opens end of July.


What is the cost?

South San Francisco Resident: $155

Non-Residents: $215

Late registration fees for regular seasons (excluding summer)

South San Francisco Residents: $170

Non-Residents: $220


We've signed up our child and they're so excited! Now what?

Welcome to SSFUYSL! Your coaches will contact you with all the information you will need to get started, including practice times and location. Teams may begin practice 2-3 weeks before the official start of season. Please don’t panic if you see teams practicing and your child has not been called! Not all teams begin practice at the same time. If your child has not been called, please check your BYGA or contact the administrator


Are uniforms supplied?

Yes, your player will receive a uniform kit consisting of jersey, shorts, and socks during the regular seasons, spring, summer, and fall only. 


What is soccer season?

Spring (April-May)

Summer (July-August)

Fall (September - October)

Winter Futsal (January -February)


How many games per season?

Spring 7-8 games

Summer 5- 6 games

Fall 7-8 games

Winter 5-6 games


How often are games and what are the times?

Saturdays and/or Sundays 

First games starts at 9am and last game can start at 3pm the latest


How many practices per week?

Typically one to two practices per week

(Practice times may vary depending on the coach)

How long are practices? 

45 min to 1 hour

Where are Practices held?

Most practices are held at Orange Park. However, they may take place at Alta Loma Middle School and Terrabay.


Where are games held?

Games may be held at Orange Park or Terrabay


What does my player need for practice and games?

U6 Cleats are not required however are recommended

U6 Shin guards are required

U7+ Cleats and shin guards are required


Why does our league not post standings?

At the younger ages, we place a priority on participation and deemphasize results.


Do you know of any summer camps I can send my player to?



My child withdrew, how do I get a refund?

No refunds after 1st week of practice


When will we be notified if my child that registered late, has been accepted on a team?

Late registrants for divisions which have not reached their capacity are placed on teams soon after receipt of the registration form. If you do not promptly hear back, the division is probably full and your child will remain on the waiting list.

Every attempt is made to allow all players to play. The total number of teams in each division is determined based on the number of the number of players registered during the open registration period. Except for children of coaches and referees who complete their training on time, all players are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Not all parents un-register their children when their family moves from the area or when their child decides not to play. If your wait-listed child can be placed on a team, you are most likely to contacted prior to the first game. If you haven’t heard any news, you can email the registrar at for an update.